38 Weeks Pregnant

In just a short while now, your child will no longer be inside of you. Your baby boy or girl will be out in the great open world, under the tender care of you and your family. I know you are feeling a wide range of emotions, but you need to stop for just one moment and think about the two questions below.

We all get distracted during pregnancy with everything going on around us. Having to deal with family, groinal pains, pains from the baby moving their arms and legs, and everything else, can get very tiresome. Keep in mind though, that this is a human being that needs security for the future. That leaves you with just these two questions.

Is Your Child Protected Medically & Financially?

Your child needs health care and life insurance. Always check with your state's Department of Insurance. My family's needs are taken care of by the CA Dept of Insurance regulators and their agents. Half the time I have no idea what kind of legal jumbo those people talk about, but we have never had a problem with insurance yet, so fingers crossed. There is no debate in the matter. If something were to happen to you, your child needs something to depend on as they age and mature. Children also become sick and ill quite often (ask around) and any mother knows just how much they will do for their child. There is only so much you can do though.

What will you do if your child becomes ill and needs to be put in the hospital? Can you afford it? What would you do if there was no one to care for your child? Would you want social or government workers to come in and take your baby away? The thought of leaving your baby stranded in the case of disaster is awful. This is why I suggest to all expecting mothers (seasoned veterans or first-timers) that security for your child is a crucial aspect of motherhood.

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The best way to prepare for your child's future is an ounce of prevention. Get yourself some health and financial coverage, even if it is a small amount. Even if you cannot afford a policy right away, start doing some research on the topic and keep it on your mind. The last thing you want or need to happen is a crisis that sends you scrambling for help.

What do I suggest you do? I think you should start comparing health and life insurance options. The ideal way to head into things, is for you to have a plan already in place. Since many women don't have this security blanket set up already, many choose to look for options soon after child-birth, which is fine too.

Like I said, your child is the greatest cause of joy for you, as we all feel that way. Don't leave such an opportunity for risk to enter in your life and ruin things. You will know what I mean if you have ever had the unfortunate event of talking with parents who had to suffer because they didn't plan ahead. This certainly is not meant to scare you, but rather to prepare you.

Raising a child is a huge job and you want to make it easier on yourself in any way you can. Getting coverage for your baby's future is one of the smartest things parents can do in today's society. It doesn't take long to compare rates, which is free to do by the way, and it is time well spent. Not only that, but what most people do not realize is that you can borrow against a policy and use some of that money for your child's education tuition if the need ever came up.

I hope this article was of some use to you because it is a very dear topic to many mothers. Being this many weeks pregnant is quite a job in itself. I wish you all the best with inducing labor and hope that you have a fun filled and blessed time with your newborn. Remember to watch for your mucous plug at this time, seeing as how you are near being 39 weeks pregnant and take things one day at a time and enjoy every moment you can, pain or no pain.